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Benjamin Franklin


1. 2:1 Laptop ratio

2. Every Student Success Act (ESSA); Race to the Top (RTTT); Common Core

State Standards (CCSS); Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

3. Scantron testing; computer-based testing;

4. Activ-board; interactive whiteboards; Student Response Systems (SRS)

5. Web 2.0 online resources; eBooks

6. Online learning; blended learning

7. Extracurricular; longer school days; year-round school; after-school activities.

8. Limited interruptions to instructional day.

9. Regular established professional growth clusters

10. Continuous access to the curriculum beyond the school day

11. Classroom support educators

12. Continuous access to Digital Professional Development

13. Caught Being Responsible (Bear Bucs) Incentive program for schools and buses

14. Class Dojo-Digital Communication Platform for Parent that goes

directly to their student’s teacher

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