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One School, One Mission, Two Locations

         We are in our third year as a charter school under Legacy of Excellence, Inc. We champion a positive, welcoming environment and our students are challenged to meet high expectations so that they can develop skills needed for independence. We are successful because we live our motto: Beyond Expectations. which has played out in our transition to virtual, hybrid and in person learning.  


         Our dedicated faculty and staff work to fill the gaps in learning so that each student experiences academic success. For the past few years our mathematics teachers have been working with the Southern Initiative Algebra Project. The Algebra Project brings additional opportunities and resources to our staff, students and community.  


         We have an active Parent Teacher Organization, and our Parent Liaison plays a vital part in assimilating parents into the Benjamin Franklin Way and organizing activities. We are known for our many community activities throughout the year including Grandparents Days, Community Play Days, International Day, Environmental Awareness Fairs, Schoolwide recycling, STAIR, and assistance from local and regional universities. We are in the process of re-establishing our clubs and activities post pandemic. 

         We are in Year 5 of TAP (Teacher Advancement Program) and our teachers have high support in meeting the expectations of the NIET rubric. Our school wide plan focuses on identifying strategies to increase student learning. Review of student achievement, including trend data, gives direction for our goals for school improvement. 

         Our Leadership and Student Support Team work to make sure that our school-wide best practice models as well as other initiatives are implemented to target the specific needs of our student population.  

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